Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A HOME FOR KITTY: CHAPTER 3: Introducing a Cat to a Dog in Your Home

While this awesome new video focuses slightly more on the kitty (CATS!!) than it does the Dachshund, it offers up some nice tips on introducing a new pet to your home.  Plus, 'Sydney,' the beautiful red longhair Piebald, is stunning to watch.  By youtuber AnimalTherapCntr who comments:  This true story follows this lovely cat as he settles in with his new family, which includes three dogs and a cat. Today Kitty meets Sydney, a gentle Dachshund BUT THE PACK LEADER OF THIS HOUSE, as they get to know each other.


mamamouseiam said...

Great tips. And Sydney! Wow, what a handsome Dachsie! :) p.s. Does anyone know who's version it is of "Getting to Know You"?

Anonymous said...

I would never let a new cat have the run of the house for that long a period of time while my long-time dogs were relegated to a closed room. It seems that the cat should be the one to become used to the established pet hierarchy in the house.

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