Friday, December 3, 2010

Munich Stereotypes

Nice chops.

A German newspaper has reviewed some Munich legends - and states that when you think of Munich, you also think of Dachshunds.  The article goes on to note the decline in popularity of our favorite canines, stating that there are just hundreds of Dachshunds in Munich now, compared to thousands in the 1970's. 


curator said...

Wow, and here I just thought of lederhosen and Thomas Mann's "Buddenbrooks."

Cindy said...

Our very first dachshund came from Munich. I was really young and we lived on an Army based (no longer one). We were playing in the playground and this long-haired red dachshund followed us home. Needless to say he moved in with us because he was abandoned by a service member. He flew to the US and lived to a very old age (can't remember but he may have been close to 18). You could say he was my very first rescue when I was about 5 years old! Now, as a 46 yo. adult I have 7 dachshunds and 6 cats! Who would've known!!!

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