Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Note From Joey and Maggie: Santa!

Santa took time out of his busy schedule to visit us at our local Chicago Dachshund meetup on Sunday!  We were thrilled.   There were over 40 Dachshunds in attendance!

Your 'Long and Short of it All' hostess 'Maggie' generally does her best to avoid both people and dogs at meetups.

But Joey will ask for a good scratchin' from anyone who comes down to his level.


Anonymous said...

Joey and Maggie you look absolutly adorable in your Xmas outfits. Merry Christmas to you all. Hope Santa brings you lots of toys, bones and tons of other goodies in your stockings. From your fans in Quebec Canada. Woof, woof and lots of barks.

Keren Hening said...

Joey should register his tail as a deadly weapon! Look at it wagging!!

firstyouleap said...

Oh that tail!

Anonymous said...

I guess his tail is in top form after it's encounter with a baby pen.

Lexi said...

A very merry christmas, and a healthy and happy new year from BC Canada to you, Joey and Maggie. Bismarch and I would like to thank you for the laughs, the tears, and the many joys you have sent us this year. We would also like to thank you for all the helpful links and hints with living with your dachshunds since we found your site a few weeks after Bismarch joined our lives.

Lexi and Bismarch

kalyxcorn said...

love the skritchy picture!

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