Thursday, December 16, 2010

MidWest Dachshund Rescue 2010 - Mill Dogs, Shelter Dogs, & Breeder Releases

Ain't it good to know that you've got a friend?  Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, rescue groups like MidWest Dachshund Rescue are there for the Dachshunds.  2010 was another record year for MWDR, rescuing over 215 Dachshunds in need!  A majority of the dogs rescued this year were from shelters, puppy mills and breeder releases.   Excerpt from MWDR's Holiday Newsletter: 

Unfortunately, unlike owner surrender dogs, these puppy mill and breeder release dogs came to us with significant medical issues. Most were either poorly vetted or had received no vetting. Many were often malnourished or had survived on very poor diets. Due to living their whole lives in cages or outside some of these doxies had psychological or physical handicaps. As a result MWDR's vet expenses for 2010 placed a significant strain on our financial resources. Thanks to the continued support from the MWDR family we were able to provide all these dogs with the medical care they so desperately needed.

The holidays are a great time to make a donation to our rescue groups who work tirelessly all year long to save our favorite canines. 

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Anonymous said...

The song is sooo appropriate for rescue organizations, almost like it was written for them. God bless them and all the puppers they save. Merry Christmas

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