Wednesday, January 6, 2010

News From The Motherland

In the "Dachshund stories we like to hear about" department, a smart long dog from Bredstedt, Germany, got lost while hunting foxes and apparently turned herself in to the local Lost and Found office on Tuesday! 

Druse vom Hoellengrund, a bitch trained to attack foxes in their underground lairs, trotted into the municipal office building in Bredstedt just after it opened for the day, and lay down exhausted on the floor in front of the elevator.
A receptionist then called down staff from the lost-and-found office in the building to register the dog.
Druse was quickly re-united with her owner, thanks to a local hunter who happened to be in the building and recognized the animal.
Officials said Druse seemed to have got lost during a hunt on Saturday, probably after losing a fox's scent during a chase, and headed into the small town after failing to find her way home.  Source.

And in the "Dachshunds stories we don't like to hear about, but is a good lesson learned for others" department, a not-so-smart human let their Dachshund ride on an escalator at a Karstadt department store in Germany on Monday night.  All was fine until the escalator neared the top and the dog got its nails stuck in the metal tongs of the retracting stairs.  OUCH!  Although the escalator stopped, department store employees had to rescue the dog from his predicament.  He was severely injured and required emergency treatment but is recovering well.  Source.


Anonymous said...

If Tulip hears word that doxies can enter department stores it's all over in our household. She'll have me trotting behind her carrying her shopping bags I can just see it now. No, better not let her know about this.

kalyxcorn said...

yikes! poor pup getting his nail caught. ouch!!

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