Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bertie The Wire-Haired Wonder

Meet handsome wirehair 'Bertie' (left), terrier 'Gussie,' and humans Ed and Camilla St Aubyn who hail from Dunsfold, a village in the Waverley district of the county of Surrey, England.  Bertie went missing 2 days before Christmas, but was found 6 days later trapped underground in a deserted frozen badger sett!  Excerpt from Get Surrey:

“After an extensive search of Chiddingfold Wood with Gussie, we had almost given up hope of seeing Bertie alive again,” said his owner, 19-year-old Camilla St Aubyn.
However, six days after his disappearance, she said she heard some faint barking from the fields and decided to investigate.
"I was about to turn home in despair when Gussie started straining on his leash and pawing the grass.
"I suddenly realised I was looking down at a black nose, poking out of the ground.”
Meanwhile, her 14-year-old brother Edward began to dig, eventually bringing an exhausted Bertie to the surface.

Bertie was seriously dehydrated and needed immediate medical attention, but is recovering.  Read his story at Get Surrey. 

There sure have been a rash of news stories about European Dachshunds trapped underground lately.  What's a Dachshund to do?
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