Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Carmen: One Hot Dachshund

Congratulations to this little 3-year-old wirehaired beauty known as 'Carmen,' and her human John Merriman, of Ocean Grove, New Jersey.  Last week, Carmen took the top field trial title in the nation for the second straight year at the Buckeye US/Canadian National Field Trial in Chico, California.  Excerpt from

Besides amassing tons of titles, the 3-year-old has her own followers in the Dachshund Club of America newsletter, where she has an advice column. Carmen’s owner is also a writer, appearing in several books, including "Dogs ‘n Stuff" by J. Francis Bradley. His story of "The Little Red Ball," appearing in "Dachshund, a Smart Owner’s Guide" by Ingrid Schwartz, has been widely circulated and is about Merriman’s special relationships with friends and their dogs. It should be read with tissues handy.
Carmen is a "dual champion," having won conformation titles at Westminster and the National Dog Show. She’s already collared more than 20 major titles in her three short years. This is one "hot dog."

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Public Takeover said...

I'm here in Ocean Grove right now, mingling with the crowd of Carmen's admirers, hoping for a glimpse somewhere about town of our favorite little celebrity.

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