Friday, January 22, 2010

Dachshund Hero Saves Neighbor From Burning Home

It was one in the morning on January 10th when the red smooth hero named 'Peanut' started pacing at the back door of his Columbia, South Carolina home.  His human certainly didn't know that the neighbor's house was on fire, and neither did Sandra Harrell, the sleeping neighbor, as an electrical shortage had disabled her smoke alarms.  Excerpt from WLTX:

"He's a little chubby, about a 12-pound dachshund," human Cynthia Lockridge laughed. She let Peanut into the backyard, and he drew her attention to Harrell's house. "I saw the back of her house totally engulfed in flames," Lockridge said.
The neighbor stopped a passing car, asking for help from the passerby. The two banged on the window until Harrell woke up. She had to tear the screen and open the window in order to escape the flames and smoke.
She is thankful to have her life, and thankful to the dog she calls "her angel." Still, Harrell has lost her home and everything inside.

We're so proud of you Peanut!  And we're hoping that Miss Harrell can get her life back in order real soon after this tragedy. Read more at WLTX. 


Coloradolady said...

What a great story...and what a cutie dog!!! He is a hero for sure!

The Pink Koala said...

Such an great story!
One of the many reasons I love doxies!!

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