Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dachshund CuddleRoo

You've got the Snuggie, you've got the Snuggie for dogs, but do you have a Dachshund CuddleRoo?  Yep, it's a Snuggie knockoff just for Dachshund Lovers, and it features a pouch in front for you-know-who.

It's a's a's a CuddleRoo™! Dachshund lovers will enjoy snuggling beneath a polar fleece sleeved blanket - that also folds into a decorative pillow! Blanket features a front pouch so owner and pet can stay warm. Or, the pouch can store your remote, snacks and other essentials. Another pouch inside the blanket keeps your feet toasty, too.
Cuddle with your beloved doxie with this super-comfy polar fleece sleeved blanket, only from The Bradford Exchange. Blanket's neutral design matches any decor.  $59.95 at Collectibles Today.

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Anonymous said...

Must. Have. One.

Or five!

--Oscar and Hans :)

impromptublogger said...

You keep showing these wonderful doxie stuff that I can't afford! Not fair (pout)

firstyouleap said...

I admit, I have an original blue snuggie and Jeeves LOVES it. It is absolutely his favorite blanket to get under preferably with me under it too. We don't use the sleeves unless Jeeves crawls into/through one.

kalyxcorn said...

whoa. a giant human/doxie kangaroo setup. how can u not love it??

Tanya said...

That's pretty cute!

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