Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heidi: 19 And Still A Party Animal

Happy Birthday to 'Heidi,' the wise red smooth Dachshund who hails from Mehlville, Missouri.  Heidi turned 19 on January 12, and was treated to candles and cupcakes.  "She still gets up and gallops around for treats, though it takes a little while for her to get going," said her human.  Read more about her at the South County Times.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Joey and Maggie for finding these gems and sharing them. It is so enjoyable to read about all these dachsies!

Anonymous said...

Charlie (the red long haired) has been reading your post for a long time! This post reminds us of our beloved Sabrina although not as old as Heidi the expression reminds me so much of her!!

kalyxcorn said...

what a spry girl!

kishiko said...

Wow! Happy 19th birthday, Heidi!
She is very beautiful!

Taffy said...

Momma says Max was 17 when she let him go and she hopes I make it that long too!
Happy Birthday to Heidi!

Sandra said...

I hope my Flash is still as spunky when he turns 19.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Heidi, you have the cutest little face. Adorable is what you are.

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