Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Learn About Dachshunds Through Educational Webinars

Congratulations to Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County (Pennsylvania) on their spiffy new website, but that's only part of the story.  New for 2010, DRBC is offering monthly webinars on various topics to keep your Dachshund happy and healthy.  The first one is this Saturday, January 23, 2010, and the topic is Diets & Your Doxie.  Via the website:

Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County & NJ [DRBC] is pleased to offer our 2010 Webinar Series. These on-line workshops are hosted by dachshund experts and are designed to help you have a long and happy relationship with your dog. There is a small donation fee charged for attendance with all proceeds donated to DRBC for the high medical fees incurred in the rescue and rehabilitation of our beloved breed.

Speaker Bio:
Cynthia SM Kura, PhD – Medical Director, Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County & NJ
Cynthia Kura is Medical Director for Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County & NJ [DRBC], and has over 20 years experience addressing the medical problems associated with the dachshund breed. Dr Kura has worked to develop community education programs concerning pet health. She has initiated and managed vaccination clinics and has written medical standards for regional and national pet healthcare groups, which she works to maintain.
Dr. Kura has conducted breed specific research studies in conjunction with major universities and Veterinary Centers to prevent or minimize disk rupture in dachshunds and is currently developing a comprehensive nutritional program designed as an aid to prevention of early kidney failure in the breed.
In her "spare time," Dr. Kura is "owned" by 8 special Dachshunds, who share her life and her home."

To register go to Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County and click on the Webinar Registration Icon to the right of the topic. This will allow you to pay DRBC's Webinar Fee of $10 and register for the event.

There are some great topics planned this year, don't miss them!  Thanks to our friends 'Harley' and 'Chessie' for sending in the link!


Cindie Kura said...

Thank you so much for including us on your site and for your kind comments about our new website. It is not quite finished and will take several more weeks to complete, but should be a resource for all doxie lovers when done. Congrats on a great site yourselves!

Cindie Kura

Anonymous said...

She is NOT a PhD and is a huge fraud. Don't buy anything that comes out of this woman's mouth!

Anonymous said...

Cindie Kura is a fraud and does not care about the actual animals. She is trying to dump all of the medicine and food from her failed Vet practice (Google search for her name and see what happened at Happy Valley) by forcing potential candidates to pay and additional $405 Support package in addition to the $275 adoption fee. One can purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder for less money that what they are asking for a rescued doxie. Fortunately we were able to adopt a beautiful doxie girl from New Life Animal Rescue for $250 and had a wonderful interaction with a reputable rescue agency.

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