Monday, August 20, 2007

The Retro Dachshund: Snoop 'n Sniff Pull-Toy

This little beauty will run you between 30 and 40 bucks. If you complain that all the doxie stuff is red or black & tan, never cream or dapple or chocolate or wild boar or wheaten, then this piebald is for you! From Fisher Price: Introduced in 1938 as "Snoopy Sniffer," this charming pull-along pup has captured hearts for generations. This lovely Snoop n' Sniff reproduction rambles along with a clickity-clack and a wag of his tail as you pull him. Adorable and durable, Snoop n' Sniff is a classic pull toy that children have adored over the ages.

The original 1938 edition

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