Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dachshunds in Pop Culture: Nigel Bruce

It's elementary, my dear Watson! This is a photo of Nigel Bruce and Basil Rathbone playing with Bruce's four dachshunds by the pool at Bruce's home. Nigel Bruce and Basil Rathbone portrayed the famous Conan Doyle characters Dr. John Watson and Mr. Sherlock Holmes in a series of 14 movies spanning several years. Bruce, a British character actor, worked on 78 movies during his film career. Find out more about Nigel Bruce at wikipedia.


keira knightley said...

u've made my day..

i luv basil rathbone and nigel bruce!!

cool pic :D

Anonymous said...

Basil Rathbone is so hot. Aww what cute doggies.

Anonymous said...

DI love this photo! My favorite Watson and Holmes and nice to see Nigel Bruce's pets.

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