Saturday, August 4, 2007

Meet the Ten Year Old Dachshund Racing Champion: Corky

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GO CORKY GO! As a followup to last weekend's Wiener Dog Nationals in Kansas City, meet the champion, 10 year old 'Corky.' This was his last year racing, and his time of 12:16 was the fastest ever turned in on the course by a dachshund. Meet his nutritionist parents and see more great pics of Corky at the Lawrence Journal link. Excerpt: If wiener dog racing were as big as NASCAR, ESPN would film a segment devoted to Corky the dachshund.
He might even get endorsement deals.
Corky, perhaps the most famous wiener dog to come out of Lawrence, has built a dynasty.
That doesn’t surprise Marty Glenn. The day he first met Corky 10 years ago — when the pup was just 8 weeks old — he could tell Corky was more spry than his siblings.
“He looked like the one that had the most spunk out of any of them,” Glenn says.
So Corky went home with Glenn and his wife, Chelbie.
A year later, Corky entered his first wiener dog race. It was the Wiener Dog Nationals at The Woodlands racetrack in Kansas City, Kan.
He blew away the competition in his heat and took a trophy in the 110-yard race. Read the rest. Related Story: Ten Year Old Dachshund Wins Wiener Dog Nationals

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