Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dachshunds Going to Work in the News

Meet 'Hot Dog!' Local newspaper staff did a story on pets that spend their days at the workplace, and this is Hot Dog's story. Make sure to check out the link for a video where Hot Dog promptly growls at the cameraman and "gets in his box" on command. What a good boy!
Excerpt from, Jacksonville, NC: Puppy PR The threshold of the door to Deb Tarplee's office at Tideline Marine is the end of the line for little Hot Dog. The 6-year-old dachshund knows he's not supposed to cross it. "I trained him to stay (inside the office), but sometimes he breaks the rules," said Deb who owns the business with her husband Bill. "He greets every person that comes near the door."
At 22-and-some inches long, the rusty red fella - officially named "Rusty Red Baron" - is well-known at the marina that has been a part of the Jacksonville community for more than 20 years. He was just seven weeks old when Deb picked him out of the litter at a kennel in Havelock. "He was the friskiest one of the bunch," she said, "and he brought me a newspaper."
Obviously an intelligent animal, Hot Dog started coming to work at Tideline with Deb from the first day she got him. While she and Bill keep up with customers, boats and paperwork, little Hot Dog keeps them company. "He's just a pleasure. He's always right there with me," Deb said. "I love it."
Bill said Hot Dog is one "good boy" but he's a different boy when Deb's not around. "He has an entirely different personality when she's not here," Bill said, as Hot Dog playfully licked his face. "He's subdued. Quiet. He goes into some kind of doggy funk like he's depressed. The minute she comes in, he's normal. He's definitely her dog."
Hot Dog loves anything that squeaks and has various toys, especially rope toys, laying around. Deb said he was easy to house break and is just an easy, loving dog in general. She's taught him a few tricks - he can stand up and twirl, and he knows how to unlock and open the door to his little dog house when he's ready for nap. Mostly, Deb said, Hot Dog is a constant comfort for her and those who visit the marina.
"People stop by just to visit him," she said. "He's in charge of our public relations." Link to see video.

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Anonymous said...

That's a funny little boy! He is obviously the boss in that office!

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