Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Murphy wins Reno Dachshund Races

"He's a little stud."
Go 'Murphy' go! Wes and Sierra Wilson Sparks pose with their dachshund Murphy after winning the wiener dog races at the Nevada State Fair on Sunday. It was an exciting race that ended with a tie-breaker! Excerpt from the Reno Gazette-Journal: All the dachshund named Murphy wanted on Sunday was to get his tiny paws on a giant toy soccer ball his owner was dangling at the finish line.
Meanwhile, Guido, who beat him the last few years in the Nevada State Fair Wiener Dog Races, was focused on his owner, who was shaking a duster and his favorite ball at him.
They were off!
And in a dramatic finish, they tied.
Murphy seemed oblivious as he ran around the racing arena chasing his soccer ball and being chased by his owner. Guido, meanwhile, was scooped up in his owner's arms, ready to race again.
So, both dogs went back to the starting line.
If 3-year-old Guido won, it would be his first victory after coming in second the last
two years. If 5-year-old Murphy won, it would be his first victory after coming in third, behind Guido, the last few years.
Ultimately, the trophy went to Murphy who won by more than a snout.
"He is the wiener," said his owner, Wes Wilson of Sparks. "Especially today."
The two pups also tied for first place in an earlier heat that sent them both to the finals.
"Four times in a row, Guido has always kicked his butt," said Wilson's wife, Sierra, who was tempting Murphy with the soccer ball. "He finally won, and we're really excited."
Wes Wilson joked that a picture of Guido was posted on their refrigerator to motivate Murphy to victory.
"He's a little stud," Wes Wilson said. Read the rest and see all 13 photos.

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