Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Doodle Bug wins Branson Dachshund Races

"It was Awesome!"
Way to go 'Doodle Bug!' We're betting that you got a bath on Saturday to boot! Madeline Turner, 9, proudly holds up her winning red long-hair dachshund, who took first place at the Humane Society of the Branson, Missouri Tri-Lakes Area’s second annual Dachshund Dog Race on Saturday. Excerpt from Branson Daily News: Short hair, long hair, wire hair, 30 barking dogs were at the second annual Dachshund Race from double dapple to plain-Jane black and tan held by the Humane Society of Branson Tri-Lakes Area.
At least 150 dog owners came through the gates at Celebration City before registration closed but race organizer Sue Dillard estimated there were about 250 people, including spectators in the stands before the first race started. The event raised about $3,000.
The races, divided into four heats with a final race for the winners, didn’t always go as planned.
The dogs were put into the red starting boxes, the announcer counted down and the doors sprang open — the dogs didn’t always race down the white chalked lanes to their owners. On the first heat one enterprising dog led the pack — out the side and across the field before they were caught.
Several dogs couldn’t figure out what the fuss was all about and decided to play tag with each other. Then there was the mild-mannered puppy who was bullied into jumping the fence, opting out of the race all together. A few stragglers just refused to go from the start gate to the finish line.
But at least three who “got it” and raced down the track at break-neck speed — for a Dachshund — into the thrilled arms of their owners. Doodle Bug was the number one fastest dog at the race.
“It was awesome!” nine-year-old Madeline, daughter of Mark and Ann Turner, of Branson, said, hugging her now muddy dog. “This is my dog, and he loves his tennis ball — that’s how I got him to run. He won’t be two until November.”
Lainey, owned by Pam Ingram of Hollister took second place and Ginger, owned by Kim Najera of Everton, Ark., won third. Read the rest.

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