Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Lucky Dachshund

'Henry' the Dachshund, owned by Jon and Sue Winslow in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was chosen by the New Hampshire Lottery to be one of eight lucky dogs featured on scratch tickets. Henry looks so pleased with himself, and he should be! Excerpt from Seacoastonline: Henry is one lucky dog. The 3-year-old Dachshund is very much loved by his owners, Jon and Susan Winslow. He is also forever immortalized on a scratch ticket called, appropriately, “Lucky Dog.”
When the Winslows got Henry from a pet store, they said he was very sick.
“We think he came from a puppy mill,” said Susan Winslow. “We took him to the vet three times, the first day we had him.”
Still, he was so adorable that the Winslows, owners of Image Arts in Portsmouth, set him up for his first photo shoot. One of those pictures is the one that captured hearts.
“I was playing old lottery tickets on Lotto Replay and saw an ad for the contest,” said Jon Winslow. “I e-mailed one photo. There were 2,100 entries and from that eight dogs, including Henry, were selected to be on the tickets.”
The contest was in February. The Winslows were told in March that Henry won and given 53 of the scratch tickets as a prize.
“We won $70,” said Jon Winslow. “One of my customers won $80 on a Henry ticket.”
Henry’s status as a celebrity was well established long before the contest. He and his sibling, Scooter, a 14-year-old Dachshund are regulars at the Winslows' business, located in Plaza 800 on Islington St.
“People come in just to see Henry,” said Jon. “They don’t buy anything. They just want to see him. If he’s not here people are disappointed.”
Henry seemed used to being a star. He lay contentedly in his bed, wearing a Red Sox neckerchief, happily accepting pats — unless someone wanted to play ball with him, of course.
“He’s our best employee,” said Susan Winslow.

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