Monday, August 1, 2011

WIENER WOLF: New Must-Have Dachshund Literature

If you're looking for some new reading to please the kids both young and old, apparently you can't go wrong with Wiener Wolf, by author and illustrator Jeff Crosby.  It tells the tale of a wiener dog who is bored with his domestic life with Granny, when he hears the call of the wild. He runs off to the wilderness to live with a pack of wolves and gets more excitement than he can handle.  Dachshund Delights just reviewed the book, noting: 

"We've reviewed a lot of children's books about dachshunds in the 15+ years we've been publishing. And if we review a book here, you can be sure it's because we liked it. We've written many words of praise, and we meant all of them.
So you can be sure we also mean these words: Wiener Wolf is the best we've ever seen. Yes. More classically constructed than Pretzel. Funnier than The Hallo-Wiener. More inspiring than Dex, The Heart Of A Hero (and the artwork will remind you a bit of Mark Buehner's in Dex.)"

Wow, thems some strong words!  Read the rest of the review at Dachshund Delights. 

Find out more at author and illustrator Jeff Crosby's website or read the 5-star reviews at Amazon.

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Anonymous said...

Love this!! Will try to get one for my husband for xmas. liz

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