Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whelping Wirehair Wednesday

It's Wednesday, it's Wirehair Wednesday, and we've got content thanks to our friends at Born-To-Track News & Views.  And it couldn't be sweeter.  The video notes:  Our standard wirehaired dachshund Paika whelped five puppies on Aug. 4, 2011. This was her first litter. The video shows the delivery of the second puppy. The puppies are bred for tracking wounded big game and for hunting.


angie said...

ugh so cute. poor mama, look at those contractions. and the first puppy just wants to eeeeeeeeat!

Karen said...

Joey and Maggie, Barney dog and I are big fans of your blog and didn't know how to contact the two of you other than leaving this in the comment section. We ran into this and wanted to share it with you and your family. It's doxie vinyl wall decals! We hope the link works for you! All the best to you both! Karen & Barney dog

scrymsmary said...

Thanks for posting this! I am a BIG fan of Wirehairs (you featured my little Lonnie girl one wednesday) so this blog was great! I spent about 2 hours on their puppy site yesterday! lol.

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