Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dachshund Wall Decals

Thanks to Karen and 'Barney' dog for sending in a link to these awesome Dachshund decals which are available over at vinylwalldesign at Etsy.  We've seen another Dachshund decal on the net somewhere, it was a larger decal and a single dog which wasn't as whimsical, but it was like $200.  You can't go wrong with these for $40 if you need to spruce up a kid's room, your office, or anywhere really!


Mobius Design e Interiores said...

Love it!!!

Road Dog Tales said...

OMD! These are a riot! Fabulous! We're gonna have to share with our doxie furiends.

The Road Dogs

scrymsmary said...


Anonymous said...

Great Decals!

Anonymous said...

Oh I ordered these for Chirstmas for my mum, they are so cute up on the wall!

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