Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Controversy at Batavia Downs: Decision Reversed for Three-peat Champ Jake Arnold

The Wiener Dog Races at Batavia Downs on Sunday have been all the talk in Batavia, New York after speedy black and tan smooth dappled 'Jake Arnold' earned his three-peat championship only to have the win go under review again on Sunday night.  From high atop Batavia Downs it appeared that Jake had won, but cameras on the ground showed otherwise.  On Monday it was announced that the race was too close to call, and for now he's sharing the win with expeditious underdog red smooth 'Gordon Ryan.'  A rematch between Jake and Gordon is now in the works for Saturday evening.  Stay tuned....and may the fastest dog win!   Source.

Jane and 4-year-old Jake Arnold enjoy their short-lived win

Gordon and Lindsay Ryan look ready for a rematch.

Judge for Yourself.


Anonymous said...

They are ALL winners in our paws.

jnorton80 said...

This is the kind of controversy I never mind seeing. Dachshunds are the best there is no other way to put it.

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