Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wirehair Wednesday: Coffee With Burt

Even when we give our elusive wirehair friends a dedicated day here at The Long and Short of it All, it's hard to find good content to post!  Thankfully we just found this fun and relaxing new video for this week.  That's some comfy contraption 'Burt' gets to ride around in!
Video by youtuber b1kes, who notes:  Our regular Sunday morning jaunt down to Brighton beach with Burt, the wire-haired dachshund.


Keren Hening said...

Burt's a stylin' pupper in that biking "sidecar!" AND treats a the End?? Go, Burt!!

firstyouleap said...

Lucky Burt! Such great scenery too, I bet he likes running around in Brighton as well as riding around.
Melinda and Jeeves

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