Friday, October 1, 2010

Holy Moly - Bubba Sets Another Mole-Hunting Record!

Our favorite mole exterminator, 'Bubba,' who hails from Fremont, Nebraska, is still on the case - perfecting his craft to break his own record year after year.  Now at 11-years-old, it's obvious that age is not slowing him down - he's killed 89 moles this year!  Excerpt from the Fremont Tribune:

Another year, another record for Bubba.
Bubba, a miniature dachshund owned by Dale and Betty Reandeau, has killed 89 moles so far this year at Ridge Cemetery in Fremont, one more than his previous high of 88 set last year.
"He's trying to keep the mole population down," Dale Reandeau said.
Bubba is going to the cemetery twice a day for walks - and a little mole hunting.
"He's a big hunter," Reandeau said.
Bubba's work helps keep the cemetery grounds looking nicer since moles kill grass and make the ground lumpy.
Bubba has even branched his service out to other areas. Reandeau said Bubba is taking his mole-hunting skills to Davenport Park.

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