Friday, October 1, 2010

Dachshund Scrubbie!

Move over rubber duckie, there's a new kid in town:  Donny Dachshund!  Thanks so much to our pals 'Oscar' and 'Hans' for sending this in.  They write:

HEY Joey and Maggie!

We are so glad to hear that Joey continues a smooth recovery (pun intended). He is truly a testament to the stubbornness and resilient nature of the Dachshund!

So the other day Mom was in Wal-Mart, and look at what she found! "Donny the Dachshund" bath scrubbie! Isn't he cute! Notice the little pink tongue. We aren't huge fans of bath time, but wiener dogs make everything better. :)

Anyway, stay long and awesome. Talk to you later!


Doxie Rod said...

love this! i need to get me one of these.

Taffy said...

HMMMM.... Mom was at Walmart yesterday and didn't bring one home. She must not of seen it! Even I have to admit it is cute if your into baths and stuff like that.

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