Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Dachshund People"

Congratulations to smooth chocolate dappled 'Alex,' for winning the coveted "Fastest Wiener of the West" title after taking the wiener dog race at Oktoberfest in Deadwood, South Dakota this past weekend.  Way to go Alex, and congrats to his humans, Jim and Kathy Stricker, seen here.  Excerpt from The Torrington Telegram:

“We had a ball!” Kathy Stricker said. “We went up to Deadwood in May for our anniversary, and somehow we found out during their Oktoberfest, they have wiener dog races. We thought ‘That’d be cool; just be fun to take a weekend and go.’ So we loaded them all up and off we went.”
The Strickers raced three Dachshunds in Deadwood, which seems to attract a multitude of racing fans and what Kathy calls “Dachshund people.”

Dachshund people.  Are you a Dachshund person?  What exactly makes people Dachshund people?   Do you have to own your own Dachshund?  Or just adore them?  We're reminded of a time when our local meetup group was going to have a get together at a downtown art gallery.  One of the employees at the gallery owned a red smooth, but she was a little nervous about going to the meetup. 
"Why?" our Dad asked her. 
"Because I don't know if I can handle being around a bunch of people running around in sweatshirts with Dachshunds on them," she said. 
"Oh, come on," Dad said, "you'll have a great time."
Sure enough, she decided to come, and yes.....there were plenty of Dachshund sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, dogs in outfits, wiener dog shaped cookies....Dachshunddom was all there, in all its glory, basking in a ray of Dachshund pride.
After the event, Dad went up to the girl and asked "So, what did you think?"
She replied with a smile on her face, "When's the next meetup?"

Welcome to the dark side.

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Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there.


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