Thursday, October 21, 2010

Controversy in the Motherland

Meet Michael Künzel and his sweet nearly 16-year-old red longhair 'Dalia,'  who hail from Mönchengladbach, Germany.  They are in a bit of a bind with local authorities after Dalia's vet has stated that the deaf girl should not be using a leash due to her IVDD issues - any sort of strain could lead to acute paralysis.  And even though Herr Künzel has a written certificate from his vet which explains the issue, he has racked up 700 € in fines, nearly 1,000 US Dollars for walking Dalia untethered. 
After going to court twice to fight the fines, Künzel must pay in full or go to prison.  "There are no exceptions to this law," the city has stated.
Read more (you may need to translate the link) at RP Online.


clara gilbert said...

He should get a doxie harness from Dachshund Delights,, how could he not research that?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, harnesses are recommended for dachshunds regardless if they had a back issue or not. Harnesses are a good preventive method. I prefer the ones made in material such as the ones from Dachshunds Delights and not the ones in pet shops made from nylon. They slip off their bodies as dachies are not built as other breeds. I had my dachies harnesses make custom made to measure from Dachshund Rescue of Houston Texas as I live in Quebec Canada and could not find any here. They are great!!!

Michael Kuenzel said...

Dalia was a very obedient dog. Even she was already deaf, she had the experience of a long life - while steadily watching her owner and his movements she always knew what to do, when to run and when to stop at the traffic light for example.

There are a few people working in the authorities which do more harm to decent citizens than they do necessary jobs.

I have tried to fight against the immorality to sanction the piece of freedom of an old dachshund at the end of its lifetime.

In fact Dalia's back problem was not that big issue, though the vet wrote a statement in order the give me support in that case.

At the begin of November 2010 Dalia started to refuse any kind of food. Blood analysis showed a severe and sudden increase of Urea and Creatinine - kidney failure. Through all the years she was always and ever such a strong dog full of health and now everything faded so fast. Clear in her mind her body became weak and there seemed to be no hope for a recovery.

I had to let her pass away at November 15, 2010 by euthanasia to save her against further pain and suffering she did not deserve.

In January 2011 Senta, a longhaired dachshund puppy came to me to share her life with me - a nice little dog - but she can never be a replacement for my great wise lady Dalia - unique and my perfect partner - my soulmate - until today I miss her so much...

Rowdy and Bette said...

Hi Michael - glad you found us and thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment.
We're awful sorry to hear of Dalia's passing, especially so soon after the article was written. She was lucky to have you as her human and to take such good care of her - and she had a beautiful name.
We know how you feel about the new puppy - they can never be a replacement, but it's often surprising how they work their way into your heart in different ways.
Best for you and your new little gal.

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