Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mole Patrol: Bubba Breaks His Record

We're hoping that you remember 10-year-old 'Bubba,' the red shaded smooth who loves to hunt moles at the cemetery. We first featured Bubba last year in a fun little post: The Working Dachshund: Bubba's on Mole Patrol at the Local Cemetery. We're excited to report that the Nebraska Dachshund keeps on digging, and has broken his own record for number of moles...uhmmm...exterminated in a year. That's right - he's at 74 moles so far this year, breaking his record of 73 last year. Holy Moly! That's a lotta moles! Excerpt from the Fremont Tribune:

“He actually hears them,” cemetery sexton Jim Clarke said. “His ears perk up and his tail starts wagging and he runs and digs them up. He’ll hear them from 100 feet away.”
Never straying far from his human Betty Reandeau, little Bubba flashes a doggy smile while waddling along the cemetery’s cement paths. With head held high, he almost seems to gallop as he makes his rounds.
Suddenly, he stops, listens, sniffs the air and then nose-dives into a mole hole. Taking matters into his own paws, he digs furiously.
A mole doesn’t have much of a chance against Bubba, who chomps it in the middle then tosses the dead animal over his back.

Read all about Bubba at the Fremont Tribune.

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impromptublogger said...

Wow - I can't imagine my doxie doing that. But some years ago he did corner a field mouse and swallowed it whole!

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