Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Maggie's Trip to the Vet

Maggie's Paws

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Maybe we're biased, but even Maggie's x-rays are cute. We love her little paws. Your Long and Short of it All hostess, 8.5-year-old 'Maggie' had a bum paw on Monday, and wouldn't even walk. She would just lay on her side, and hold her right paw up in the air, as if she was saying "Fix it!" There didn't appear to be anything caught or stuck anywhere, and Dad couldn't go to work and just leave her at home in pain, so it was off to the vets. After a thorough examination, the good doctor couldn't find anything, although she definitely had pain in one of the pads when it was squeezed. So, an x-ray was in order to see if somthing was lodged inside the pad.

Nope, there's nothing there. If the little princess was faking to get Dad to stay home from work, the plan backfired, because she definitely didn't want to go to the vets.

The vet did notice some degenerative joint disease in Maggie's shoulder though. The area in question should be a well-defined bone, and should not appear to bleed into the background at the tip the way it does in this x-ray. The vet recommended a glucosamine supplement, but Maggie is already taking one every day to keep her back healthy.
She was given a pain med, had her paw soaked in Epsom salts at home, and is no longer limping today. Now to get her thyroid results straightened out and plan for a future biopsy on an unusual mole she has on her side.
And she's the healthy one.

The Little Princess


Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about rescued Olive's x-rays showing the 4 puppies in her uterus. It was just too cute, I couldn't stop looking at them! You're right, x-rayed paws are just as cute!

kalyxcorn said...

I get what you mean about the healthy one - we had a pair of boys before Baxter and pretty much financed our vet's vacation home. But anyway, that IS a cute Xray! How do you keep a doxie's paw soaking in epsom salts?

Hope you feel beter, Maggie!

Anonymous said...

Maggie, you are such a beauty! Hope all is well now. Schatzie sends his regards, and is not looking forward to his own visit to the vet to get his teeth cleaned....

La Chilengüita said...

Question--did you start giving Maggie the glucosamine supplement for her back under vet recommendation? We just got a dachshund puppy so it'd be good to know if we should also start her on the same to keep her back healthy.


P.S. Great blog by the way :) & yes, the x-rays are adorable!

doxie mama said...

Maggie, You're such a pretty, pretty princess. Even your bones are beautiful

Anonymous said...

Maggie's x rayed paws are adorable!
Hope she doesn't hurt any more, and don't let anything happen to Joey, Annie will be brokenhearted!

Gatinha said...

I truly hope you're feeling better now, Maggie!

Kisses and huges from Portugal ;)

AmyM said...

Ah Maggie, I am so glad to hear you are well and they found nothing wrong. It's scary when you're feeling bad.

You and Joey inspire us!

Joey and Maggie said...

Thanks so much for the super sweet comments. Maggie is doing great.
La Chilengüita: Started giving them the glucosamine suppplements when they were about 4 years old, as it seems to be the age Dachshunds start having back issues, although it does happen to younger ones sometimes. It wasn't a vet recommendation, but a Dodgerslist recommendation.
And Baxter: Maggie's a pretty laid-back gal, so she didn't mind getting her paw soaked in Epsom salts. Just told her it was a spa treatment, and she was thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor, poor thing!!!!! Lamenes! The best treatment for that is extra, extra treats and extra cuddle time.
the Nomistakin' Dachshunds

cheyne923 said...

What elegant toes! So glad that Maggie has such a wonderful 24/7 caregiver;-)
Now Jeeves wants a picture of HIS toes.

Haley said...

Get well soon Maggie!

Anonymous said...

Know I am late (very late) to comment on this post but very interesting to me. Recently put my 11 year old shih tzu on glucosamine as he is rather limpy these days and slow to get around. Vet visit and tests showed nothing.

Thinking I should be proactive as you were and give my young doxies the supplement too. Can't hurt right?

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