Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wyoming Dachshund Rescue Raises $4,000 at Dachshund Derby

Congrats goes out to Wyoming Dachshund Rescue for raising over $4,000 this past Sunday at their Dachshund Derby and Corgi Classic fundraiser in Wheatland, Wyoming! Way to go! That'll help a lotta Dachshunds! Above, Cheyenne resident Max Diefenderfer adjusts his dog Gus’ hat during the costume contest. Excerpt from the Record-Times:

“People in town were extremely generous,” event organizer Linda Szymanski said.
According to Szymanski, the fundraiser helped get the Rescue “into the black,” and helped offset heavy veterinary bills incurred this year. The races brought in $1,000 more than last year’s event.
The Wyoming Dachshund Rescue adopted out 30 dogs this year, and 20 in 2008. Szymanski said the Rescue houses dogs from throughout Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado, and even Kansas and Missouri.

Read all about it the Record-Times.

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