Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dorm Dog

Meet 'Harrison,' the smooth black and tan who lives in the Dorms at North Idaho College in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, with his Dachshund brother 'Larry.' This will be Harrison's third year of living in the dorms with his humans Paula Czirr and Ty Caraway, as Miss Czirr is a Residence Life manager there. Excerpt from the Sentinel:

Last winter during Christmas break, the dogs were playing catch with Czirr down the long hall when Harrison suddenly stopped at one room. Czirr thought that was interesting and went to check the room. It was discovered that a resident had broken into his room when the dorms were shut down.
Although Harrison makes a great watchdog, he's also a great companion for the residents of the dorms.
"He's kind of like that teddy bear that kids have when they're little, except he's alive and he licks your face," said Jeff Howard, senior resident assistant.
For many students coming to the residence hall their first year, it's a big step, and it can be very hard for students to cope.
Harrison has played a big part for many students making that transition. With students being homesick, it has proven to be very helpful having Harrison in the dorms when students are in need of a pet.

Read all about the good work Harrison does at the Sentinel.

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