Tuesday, September 8, 2009

March of the Dachshunds in Krakow, Poland!

It was the 15th Annual Marsz Jamników (Dachshund March) in Krakow, Poland, on Sunday, a HUGE event us American Dachshunds could only dream about attending. Thankfully, the Krakow Post provided these beautiful photos.

This year's winner of the costume contest featured a coarse-haired pup dressed up as an Egyptian pharaoh, royally escorted by his human companions, who donned Arabic dress and even had a soundtrack for his majesty's entrance. Read more at the Krakow Post.

See even more fantastic photots at this translated link of Radio Krakow.

For a blogger's take on the event, don't miss The Parade of Daschunds at Walden World.

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