Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dachshund Missing Four Months Found 600 Miles Away

Welcome home Max, the escape artist. Apparently he climbed up on the couch, opened the window, and chewed through the screen to escape his Kingsburg, California home 4 months ago. Through the magic of a microchip, he was reunited with his family yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona, some 588 miles away! Read all about it at Arizona Central.


Anonymous said...

Oh, those long noses going after a scent gets them in trouble all the time.

Neuffj said...

I always love a happy ending!
The Neuff's Puppy 'Dish'

Marissa said...

It is so great he is back with his family. A funny coincidence--my sister's dachshund max, was given the middle name Houdini because he was such an escape artist. He would get our of his steal cage while it was locked, and we have no idea how!

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