Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Wena - The Clean Version

Thanks so much to our friends 'Oscar' and 'Hans' who write:

Hey Joey and Maggie!

Check out this "other" version of the "My Wena" song. We thought the original was hilarious, but this one is just Wienerific!

--Oscar and Hans

OK Wiener Lovers - which version is your favorite?

Download My Wena by Bowling For Soup at itunes or pre-order the new album, Sorry for Partyin' at Amazon.


Barb said...

LOVE the clean version...adorable!

Anonymous said...

The cleaner version. Love seeing all those doxies.

Anonymous said...

The "clean" version is cuter, but the "dirty" version is still hilarious!

AmyM said...

The dirty version is pretty darn funny. That has my vote, but it's fun to see all the doxie shots in the clean version.

Katherine said...

Wienerful! I still think the original in a riot, but I love to see all the doxies playing in the clean version :)

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