Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who is 'Wena' the Wiener Dog?

Wena is 'Lexie,' a beautiful black and tan smooth Dachshund whose human is flickr photographer Hope H. You can see lots of great photos of Lexie in her photo set.
Her human notes about this photo: Lexie was selected to appear in the new Bowling For Soup music video!! The song is called "My Wena" and she plays Wena! Her scene is a dream sequence where Jaret the lead singer is dreaming of his girlfriend and wakes up to find Lexie/Wena in his bed. He smiles, snuggles with her and goes back to sleep. We had a great time and all the guys were really nice.

Lexie's salary was a donation to!!

All Texas Dachshund Rescue is currently fostering a Dachshund you're familiar with: Joanie, aka Joan of Ark.


Anonymous said...

Lexie, you are one special pup to donate your salary to help Joanie Love ya little girl!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm Hope Hodges and Lexie the Wena owns me. I stumbled on this blog entry tonight and just wanted to say thanks for the shout out to Lexie! The video is not for kids, but we had a great time at the shoot and Lexie was happy to donate her salary to our rescue group!

Hope Hodges
All Texas Dachshund Rescue

Melinda Wharton said...

Hi wiener lovers! I work with Hope Hodges (who owns Lexie) at All Texas Dachshund Rescue, and also want to thank you for recognizing our local doggie talent! Also for mentioning poor little Joanie. If you haven't visited her web page, please follow the link above - Hope has just updated her story this week. Oh - and we've got plenty of BEAUTIES to adopt out if you're in Texas and looking for a "wena" of your own!!! (

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