Monday, September 21, 2009

Dachshund Puppy Has Sewing Needle Removed From Brain

Meet lucky little 'Lucy,' a cute little black and tan smooth puppy who hails from Augusta, Georgia. Lucy got into the sewing supplies, found a pin cushion, and you know what happened next: a 1.5 inch pin lodged itself into her brain.
Her humans trekked to Columbia, South Carolina, where the pin was removed at SC Veterinary Specialties. Excerpt from WECT6:

Vet surgeon Dr. Jonathan Suber was there to help pull the needle out.
"Ultimately, we just cut a small hole under her mouth, reached up and pulled it straight down," Dr. Suber explained.

The part of the brain where the needle was lodged helps Lucy control her stability. At first, she couldn't walk or stand. But just a few days later, Lucy is nearly back on her feet again.

Lucky Lucy is expected to make a full recovery, although she may have some trouble with her balance. Read all about it and see a slideshow of images at WECT6. You can also watch a news video at NBC Augusta.

Sweet little Lucy, get well soon.


kalyxcorn said...

yikes!!!! glad to hear Lucy will make a full recovery. and to think of all the pins and needles i have around the house....hi to Joey & Maggie!


Anonymous said...

Good god! Get well soon wee Lucy...special 'Face Licks & Tail Wags' from your Doxie friends in New Zealand.

Miranda Libres said...

Poor Baby.

Haley said...

It's great to hear that Lucy's doing better!

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