Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Dachshunds, Our Heroes

Whether they are keeping the yard safe from pesky squirrels and scary intruders, barking to let us know that someone is at the door (as if we didn't hear the doorbell!), or just keeping our feet warm at night, every Dachshund is our hero.  Sometimes though, our Dachshunds really rise to the occasion, as we have seen over the last several years with stories such as these:

Dachshund Heroine Recovers After Wolf Attack

Dachshund Hero Saves Her Human From Dog Attack!

Dachshund HERO Saves The Day!

Dachshund Hero Saves Cat!

Roxy, The Doxy Who Took On A Coral Snake In Her Home

Or Dachshunds so loyal that they obtain hero status:  Loyal Dachshund Dog Finds Way to Owners Funeral

Get ready to meet the newest members of this elite pack of dogs.  In the photo above, Judy Lee, of Ottumwa, Iowa, sits with her little hero, "Zoe," a 3-year-old black and tan smooth girl she rescued from a local animal shelter.   Zoe may have recognized that Lee was having a medical emergency when she was slipping into insulin shock.  Excerpt from the Ottumwa Courier:

Recently, right around Zoe and Judy’s one-year anniversary of becoming best buds, Judy slowly became aware of her dog jumping on her. It was 3 a.m. Judy tried to wake up all the way, but couldn’t.
“So she kept jumping on me, and rooting at me with her nose, licking me. She just wouldn’t stop,” said Lee.
When Lee came to, she realized she had been slipping into insulin shock. She could help herself by getting her blood sugar up; even a cup of orange juice could save her from serious health problems.
She tried, but couldn’t get to the kitchen.
“I was too weak. I couldn’t stand up.”
She could call for her mother, however, who was staying there to help after Lee had a surgical procedure.
“Zoe knew what was going on,” said Griffin. “She definitely did save Judy.”
So did Griffin, with a simple glass of juice.

Read all about the little heroine at the Ottumwa Courier.

Now meet Delene Crist who hails from Poulsbo, Washington, and her little heroine, a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix named 'Millie.'  On sleeping medications and recovering from surgery, Mrs. Crist got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  She fell and broke her hip and sprained her wrist and could not get up.  Millie ran up the stairs to wake up Mr. Crist, jumping on his chest and knocking the sleep apnea mask off his face.  Excerpt from the Kitsap Sun:

Shaking off sleep, John Crist realized he was face to face with Millie, the family dog, and she was acting strangely. Millie had never jumped on John before and, in fact, rarely came upstairs. What's more, she seemed anxious. John tried to soothe the little dog by placing her under the bed covers. But Millie quickly tunneled to the end of the bed and popped back up on top of the covers, where she began staring at him again.
"She looked at me and then at the door," recalls John, who decided to get up out of bed and see what was troubling the 5-year-old dachshund/Chihuahua mix.

Thankfully Mrs. Crist is recovering and undergoing physical therapy after Mr. Crist was able to call 9-1-1 for help.  Read all about this little heroine at the Kitsap Sun.

Give your hero dogs a big hug.

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