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Dachshunds in History: Meet L.B., who is a Very Important Pup

In honor of Veterans Day, 2009, we bring you this patriotic Dachshund tale.

Meet L.B., who is a Very Important Pup
via the American Dachshund magazine, September, 1967

L.B., a Dachshund under a year old, disembarked in June at Long Beach, California.  She had been aboard the USS Maddox, a destroyer that ploughed the waters off Vietnam with the 7th Fleet.  LB was part of the effort to keep shipments of weapons and supplies going to the Viet Cong.
Disembarking with LB was Marshall Lichterman of Alhambra, California, yeoman 3rd class and ship's postal clerk.
When the Maddox called at Wellington, New Zealand in May, a newspaper there, The Dominion, reported that she was named LB for Long Beach, the Maddox's home port, that LB had 15 assorted sweaters for different kinds of weather, two naval uniforms tailor-made for her at Hong Kong, and two polo-neck jerseys for really cold weather.
Also, LB had her own miniature lifebelt.  She slept in her own bunk.  She had her own identification card with pawprints and details of height, length, and weight, her own liberty card, and a service record.
Though frightened at first of the Maddox's 10 guns, she became accustomed to them, but she went to the bow if the aft guns were operating, and aft if the forward guns were firing.
"Many of the ship's visitors aren't at all interested in the guns or the torpedo tubes," said the New Zealand newspaper.  "All they want to see is LB."
The crew said that LB, like a good sailor, had sturdy sea legs.
Virginia Glass, Long Beach, California, who supplied this information wonders whether there ever before was "a lady war Dachshund."   About 1950 The American Dachshund told a similar story about a gentleman Dachshund who sailed Navy style.
Mrs. Glass talked to the commanding officer of the Maddox, and reported the crew thrilled to think their mascot's picture would be in The American Dachshund.  A copy of this issue is being mailed to Lt. Joshua Johnston.
(Editor's note to LB:  Please con the Navy into trimming those nails.)

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Happy Veterans Day!

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Hi Joey and Maggie, thanks for posting. Wonderful reading and lots of great links. Very important to remember our Veterans and all those who serve to defend our country and preserve the freedom we enjoy. We are in their debt.

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