Monday, November 2, 2009

The Passion of Joan of Ark

It is with a heart so very heavy that we report Joan of Ark, aka 'Joanie' has passed away.  Cynthia from Rhode Island writes:

I just read on the All Texas Dachshund rescue website that Joanie died yesterday morning.

What a sad story this has been. My heart goes out to the kind people who cared for her and probably provided the few months of love and happiness that this courageous little dog had ever known.
Read of her passing at All Texas Dachshund Rescue.
Please consider making a donation to All Texas Dachshund Rescue, the Dachshund rescue organization of your choice, or the animal welfare organization nearest to your heart, in honor of this beautiful girl, so that her Dachshund spirit will live on and on.
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Anonymous said...

This story really made me sad. I was cheering her on the whole way. At least she had a loving home that last year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joey and Maggie, so sorry to hear about Joanie. Thank you for posting and keeping everyone aware of the wonderful job done by rescue organizations to help dogs like Joanie. You said it well when you referenced how she was provided so much love and happiness at ATDR which she otherwise would never have known.

Alicia said...

Our condolences to Cindy and Mike. If Joanie could have survived on their love alone, she'd outlive all of us by a century.
This story touched so many people and spurred them to action. God bless them and the animals they assist.

Oskar and family

Magda said...

Rest in Peace, little Beauty. My 'Kłopot' will take care of you in heaven.

PAdoxiegirl said...

I've been following this story from the beginning and I am so sad to hear of Joanie's passing. I'm so glad she spent the last year of her life well cared for and loved.

Anonymous said...

Oh joanie sweet lovely lady, I am so sad...God saw you getting tired, when a cure was not to be. So He wrapped His arms around you, and whispered, "Come to me".
You didn't deserve what you went through, so He gave you rest. God's garden must be beautiful, He only picks the best.
And when I saw you sleeping, so peaceful and free from pain, I could not wish you back to suffer that again... I will always remember you sweet lady. Wendy NZ

Haley said...

Aw, I hate it that she died. I was hoping she would make it. How dare whoever did this to her. It is great to know that her last year was a wonderful loving one. Rest in peace sweet little Joanie.

Haley said...

I heard about her on this blog, and read her story on the ATDR website. I couldn't look at the pictures or read it without crying. She had already passed away when I heard about her, and was hoping that she'd make it. I was so upset when I found out that she was dead, the day after I heard about her.

P.S. This is the same person from the last comment, I just got a profile pic now

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