Monday, November 23, 2009

Dachshunds in Nativity Sets

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Holy Dachshund!  We're pleased to present these fantastic images of some Dachshund Christmas inspiration from Ed Speare, his wife Suzy, and their sweet black and tan smooth 'Phoebe,' who hail from Woodbridge, Virginia.  We can only imagine the "Legend of the Christmas Dachshund" - great stuff!

Dear Maggie and Joey,

Your recent entry on the Dachshund Nativity set inspired me to share the tradition my wife Suzy and I have of putting a Dachshund into the nativity sets we set up at Christmas. Suzy has a large collection of Dachshund figures from life size to minuscule and also collects Nativity scenes, some from various countries we had lived while on assignments with the U.S. Army. About 10 years ago we started adding the Dachshund figures to the Nativity scenes--we do our best to match the size and the material of the Dachshund figure with that of the Nativity set. As the collection grew, we even came up with a story about them--the little known "Legend of the Christmas Dachshund" (a tale for another time). Here are some pictures of them for you to enjoy. By the way, we have always had a live "Weiner Dog" as part of the family as well--our current one is an 8-year old smooth miniature black and tan named Phoebe.

Blessings and a Big Woof!

Ed Speare
Woodbridge, VA

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Sweet, sweet Phoebe, donning her holiday best


mamamouseiam said...

I must admit, the Weenie Dog Nativity on Etsy that you shared earlier bothered me just a bit, but the Speare's are wonderful! We have 2 similar nativity sets, and I'm going shopping for some Dachshunds! Thank you, and Christmas Blessings to all!

Anonymous said...

lol - these are fantastic!

Linda and the critters said...

This is just too cute for words. It's so nice that dachsies are such an inspiration to their owners.

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