Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wiener Dog Eats, Drinks, Burps

We've gotta admit, the end of Daylight Saving Time has really done a number on our internal stomach clocks.  Your Long and Short of it All host 'Joey,' is stomping his feet and doing circus tricks at this very moment in anticipation of his breakfast, which is now THIRTY MINUTES OVERDUE according to his belly. 

Video by youtuber BryanMBowen who notes:  A typical start to the day for Lou the Wiener Dog.

We feel for you Lou.


Anonymous said...

I love It! As a life long mini-dachshund lover and songwriter, It was Inevitable I would write a about them. So here's a classic that still egts requested everytime I play live. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

That wiener dog sure is hungry!

Anonymous said...

dog is a bit overweight...very bad for them

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