Monday, March 2, 2009

Brave Dachshund at The Battle of Quebec

The Battle of Quebec by Dan Ford (click image to enlarge)

We knew we were heroic, but who knew we had such an important place in history as The Battle of Quebec? This painting, titled The Battle of Quebec, by artist Dan Ford documents our place in history....or at least how handsome we look while the battle ensues.
Thanks to Pee Wee and our good friends over at the LA DOXIES meetup group for unraveling the mystery of this painting. Someone had seen it outside of a lecture hall at Harvard Business School, and various contacts determined that it's part of the Schwartz Art Collection there.
Read more about the painting at Harvard Business School.


bruce said...

Talent AND humor! LOL!

Christa said...

Okay, now we have noble uplifting tunes to pair with the heroic painting. Pretty cool. I was marching around the condo to the music and the doxies & Olga thought I'd lost it. Tony already KNOWS I've lost it.
Good work, Joey, Maggie, and Carson

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