Monday, March 23, 2009

Feel the Love!

Never Ending Wiener Races: On 3/15, wiener dogs by the names of Bill Cosby, Ferfie, Frieda, Jack Black, Penny Lane, Ramen, Roxy Harbert, Tootsie, Truffle and dozens others participated in a race to the death: The Old World Village's St. Patrick's Day Dachshund Races in Huntington Beach, California! Beer flowed aplenty (at $7/cup!), and bratwurst was readily available. Next races are scheduled for Apr. 19, May 17, June 21, July 12, Aug. 23 and every Sunday Sept. 6 through Nov. 1 (Oktoberfest).

See 34 really nice photos at OC WEEKLY.


Anonymous said...

Some have voiced concern about Dachsie races becoming like the Greyhounds. None of us want that to happen. This article is the first where I have seen a series of dates listed for the whole Summer. Makes me think about what could happen. I suppose it's up to the owner to not get caught up in it. What do "you guys" think? Love the names of these dogs.

Joey and Maggie said...

We don't think it's an issue....dachshund races are still just for fun, and we've never heard talk of dachshunds being bought by racetracks or anything. We tend to think that if something like that DID happen, that dachshund lovers would come together quickly and see that they are shut down!!
And it's OK to race your pet different than any other dog sport...agility, flyball, earthdog, whatever. As long as it's for fun, and as David Letterman would say "no wagering allowed!" :)

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