Thursday, March 26, 2009


Oh my goodness, we laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed at this one! "Footlong"- An original music video by Jeremiah Watkins: This is an original music video about the coolest dog in the world, Footlong. I composed the song and wrote the lyrics. Here are the lyrics...

So I got this little dog, his name is Footlong.
Some call him a dachshund, I call him a wiener dog.
You better not go near him when he eats his food,
If you wanna keep your fingers, stay away from this dude.
He's a vicious little puppy, He'll bite your face off.
Like that Nicholas Cage movie except way more tough.
Beware of the dog is not just an expression,
An even more serious thing than the Great Depression.

O Footlong! How do you do the things you do?
You're such a cool dog, and a boy's dream come true.
I remember that one day, when I was just walkin' by.
Then you got angry, and tried to bite out my eye.

Yeah he's a true little thug, a true little "G."
When he gets that peanut butter, he's so happy.
Yo he's my footlong, not some 5 dollar footlong,
They don't sell him at Subway, that would just be wrong.
Footlong's my sidekick, Footlong's my pal.
He even helps me when it comes to the gals.
We like to drink that O.J. called Tropicana,
My footlong wiener dog wears a bandana.

O Footlong! How do you do the things you do?
You're such a cool dog, and a boy's dream come true.
When you play with your bear, it really scares me,
I hope that you calm down soon, and become merry.

I've got a footlong wiener, dog.
A footlong wiener, dog.
Don't touch my footlong wiener, dog.
I've got a footlong wiener dog.
"Actually, He's more like 18 inches."
I've got a foot and a half long wiener dog.


cheyne923 said...

That is definitely the best I've seen so far. I'm sending the link to everyone. He's pretty handsome--has Maggie seen this yet? Melinda and Jeeves

Tamara said...

That was really funny! Thanks for always finding the good stuff and packaging it up nicely in your blog. I really enjoy it!

Unknown said...

I have dachshund named footlong too. I rescued him from the san jose pound. He has helped me so much with my depression and my anxiety problems. He will always be my little buddy and that is a cool song you wrote about your dachshund and i wish you and footlong the best.

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