Monday, March 23, 2009

The It Couple

Sign of the Times: Phoebe and Charles, a pair of passionate dachshunds, are what the SPCA staff of Santa Cruz, California, has surmised are husband and wife. They are victims of a tough economy, according to director Lisa Carter.
This duo, like many other purebred dogs, ended up at a shelter.
SPCA staff reports that this loving couple spends time snuggling in their favorite fluffy dog bed and gazing at each other as they nibble kibble.
"When one goes out for a walk, the other cries loudly until their mate returns," Carter said. "Charles and Phoebe are looking to continue their love affair" in a new home.
Find out more at the Santa Cruz Sentinel.


Matt said...

I hope someone adopts them both! They are beautiful!


Marene and Ali said...

They are so sweet. I wish I could take them. Surely they will find a home together. It must have been heartbreaking to give them up. I think I would live in a tent to keep these babies.

Marene and Ali said...

Carson - please post when they find a home. Thank you.

Bonnie said...

I 2nd that. I'm going to worry that they'll be separated.

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