Monday, March 30, 2009

Texas Woman Badly Injured After Refusing to Leave Dachshund in Burning Apartment

Meet red smooth 'Minnie,' and her human's daughter, Charisse Harris, who hail from Houston Texas. Minnie's human was cooking on Saturday when the fire started inside her apartment; the landlord came to get her out, and she refused to leave without her dachshund. She was unconscious when the firefighters carried her out. Minnie found her own way out and was not injured.

“I’m not surprised that she would do something like that because I know how she feels about this dog and she will risk her own life for this dog,” said a tearful Charisse Harris, the victim's daughter. "She treats the dog like a person. It's like her other daughter."

Read the rest and see a video at We're hoping Mrs. Harris has a quick recovery.

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Tracy-Girl said...

I wouldn't leave my guys in the house either!!!

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