Monday, March 2, 2009

Dachshund iModel Quits Biz Claiming Exhaustion

TOKYO - Her name is 'Cocoa,' a wildly popular Dachshund iModel working in Japan since she was only a pup, modeling devices for several local Apple resellers. Miss Cocoa shocked the dog modeling world this past week with an announcement that she's stepping down from the business indefinitely.
"The dog modeling world looks so glamorous, especially when you're the best like Cocoa is," said handler Tokai Yamura, "Balancing an iPhone or iPod on your head for long hours is very grueling work. She makes it look easy, but Cocoa wants more out of life."
Read more and see lots of Cocoa's modeling pics at iPhone Savior, The Cult of iPhone News and Satire.


Anonymous said...

animal cruelty.

bruce said...

In the photo, Cocoa appears to have quite a bit on her mind...

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