Friday, March 20, 2009

Vintage Dachshund Poetry

by David Newell for the Juvenile Column of The Boston Herald. Transcribed from The Dachshund or Teckel, Herbert Sanborn, 1937.

This little dog with ten inch clearance
Presents a ludicrous appearance,
His legs are bowed, his feet turn out,
He gives us much to laugh about.

He's two dogs long, a half dog high,
In spite of which he's quick and spry;
So at his funny build don't smirk -
It's perfect for his special work.

For Dachshund plays a hero's role
In going down a badger's hole;
A badger is a savage fighter,
A vicious scratcher and a biter.

And folks who call him "dash-hound" show
Their ignorance and do not know
That dox-hoont is his proper name
In Germany from whence he came.

(photo source unknown)

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doxie mama said...

I own this book. It is awesome. sometimes you can find it at the dog book vendor who shows up at the bigger dog shows. It's worth the hunt.

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