Monday, March 9, 2009

A Sleepy Doxie

Meet sweet 'Hachiko.'

Nice to see that Flying Dachshund Films has some new videos! Haven't heard from them in about 1.5 years, since they did the fantastic Snow Cone & the Seven Dwarfs. You know, it's been raining at our home for about 48 hours straight, and that video is so "feel-good," that we have to post it just one more time, just in case our newer readers missed it. It's one of our faves, low resolution and all:

1 comment:

mtc said...

Thank you for posting that sleepy dachshund film. I saw the other film once from Have you seen the photos (I think it is called DUO or something like that)? Thanks for posting. Enjoyed your site very much!

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