Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dachshund Training: Anything is Possible!

We sure are impressed with red smooth 'Sooner!' Now don't forget it once you get home!

Sooner is an 11-month-old mini that graduated from the Neuman K-9 Academy pet dog boot camp in Southern Minnessota. The program covered sit, down, heel, sit + stay, down + stay, place, recall, treadmill training, and etiquette (no jumping up or barging through doors).

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Matt said...

Not only that, but I checked out the web site and it's all done using positive methods, no yelling, hitting, hurting, or even looking at the dog with a frown.

It's relatively easy too when you have someone to show you exactly what to do, even if it's just once a week for six weeks.


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